Indian regulator wants to regulate ESG ratings

The Indian securities regulator’s SEBI wants an ‘enforceable’ regime for ESG Rating Providers or ERPs. If this comes through, SEBI may become the first regulator in the world to impose such detailed guidelines...

ESG Ratings muddle created by needless complexity in rating methodologies

Lack of reliability in ESG ratings is a problem pointed out in repeated studies. ‘Compass with no direction’ – that was the assessment of a recent academic article. What has caused it? Needless complexity in the methodologies could be the reason, believes Algo Circle

Masterplan to accelerate decarbonisation of five major sectors planned

Amongst the din and hustle of the latest ‘Conference of the Parties’ or COP, held in Egypt this year (COP27), one announcement that may have some real-world significance was a plan to address decarbonisation of five major polluting sectors

Implementation commitments, Loss and Damage to be the focus at COP27

The COP27 has started in Egypt. Poor implementation commitments and Loss and Damage discussions will be keenly followed

UNEP Emissions Gap Report for 2022 paints a grim picture

For all the talk on climate commitments and net zero focus, progress remains painfully slow so far. The world is on a 2.8°C pathway, far away from the 1.5°C goal set in the Paris Agreement

Denmark sets a precedent on loss and damage funding

Loss and Damage compensation likely to be a key theme at the forthcoming climate conference COP27, being hosted by Egypt in November

Emission Performance of Global Auto a mixed bag in 2021

While on an absolute contraction basis, the major automakers show reduction in emissions, on an intensity basis the trend is not consistent

Sebastian Vettel and Net Zero

The four-time Formula One (F1) motor racing champion Sebastian Vettel, while announcing his decision to retire last week, once again alluded to the dark side of F1: its carbon footprint.